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  1. Firstly I wanted to write comment in Polish but… All other are in English so… Crystal Fusion just made a great remix and I think that this it is fact. 😉 Just listen to this version and try to see the whole vision, stop focusing on original. For me and in my opinion, Wavetraxx version is too slow, has no energy, if you know what I mean… 

    Cover, remixes and stuff like that aren't any worse than own music! There's nothing wrong in doing this… especially that Crystal Fusion has on this channel a lot of GREAT and OWN tracks. Of course it's matter of taste, but… we should notice that this remix is really fantastic. Amen. ;)) Cheers! 

    A na koniec – uważam, że jest naprawdę świetnie i powiadam Ci – ten remix trzyma poziom! I naprawdę bardziej podoba mi się od oryginału, wiele bardziej. 🙂 Pozdrawiam!