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Photography [08:48] by Maya Tetter:

[00:00] 01. Jaco – Changes

[02:49] 02. Phase Difference – Utopia (Meridian Remix)

[08:23] 03. Blugazer – Dreams Go Where Life Fades

[14:23] 04. Sound Quelle – Nulla

[19:23] 05. Kukuzenko – Dangerbox

[24:42] 06. James Woods – Coffee With You (BXT Remix)

[28:56] 07. Gelardi & Thomas N – Aquamento

[34:10] 08. Richard Bass – Day Of Love

[37:53] 09. Pearson & Hirst – Pressure

[43:48] 10. Andrew Benson – The Kite (Ennis Remix)

[49:28] 11. Araya – Perception

[54:07] 12. AWD – Summer’s End

[1:00:11] 13. Morvan – And She Smiles (Monoverse Remix)

[1:05:17] 14. Thomas Hayes – Release

Music Genre: Progressive Trance / House

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  1. Nuggets of the truth collected for years from religions, science, ancient wisdom. Finally everything put together as one complete explanation of life and death. Finally free and available to everyone. Just google TruthContest and read "The Present". This knowledge has the power to transform mankind and start a new wave of peace and love on Earth.

  2. Great set man! =)

    Thats only my opinion and its in general:
    I dont like this new prog trance/trance…its not the same like in the good old times 98-2005.
    Every track sounds so happy and commonly. The new trance is casual and like new videogames…everyone (old, young, stupid, gay, farmer, soldier, Barbar, Nightelf, halforc) should like it.
    I miss artists/DJ like: Breeder, Lemon8, Tilt, BT, digweed, probspot, sasha, quivver, nick warren, bedrock, deep dish and james holden…and sets like "Global Underground".
    15 years ago progressive trance was sexy, hypnotic and deep( a real orgasm for body and soul)…today everything is different or maybe the contrary…
    I would be very happy if you hide some nice classic progressive in your sets, but thats your affair 😉

  3. dude! didn't ur youtube channel use to be called "Progressive house" or there was a channel under that name, now its gone, along with that mix i realy loved 🙁 its all gone

  4. Why is the photo blurry? What happen to the beautiful city skyline, how bout that stunning blonde chick? Qualify yourself this instance!