BOSTON, MA – House of Blues 27/sep/2014

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  1. I was only 3 years old when this song came out, but I wish a teenager in 1986! Thank god 80s and classic rock are the only musical genres I listen to. Can't think of anything better!

  2. 30 years later a tad senile…. Oooooooo…. Laaaa la la la… Ohhhhhh la la la la la…. Ummm …. Oh yeah …. Looking for you you were looking for me.. Ummm la la la lahh… Ok I haven't forgot every song's lyrics…. Especially this one..

  3. I love you ERASURE Andy Bell y Vince Clarke mi duo británico que jamas ni nadie lo compara tuve el honor de verlos en el 2011 en mi 🇪🇨 espero pronto vuelvan aca