BOSTON, MA – House of Blues 27/sep/2014

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  1. i am a loyal follower but poor andy needs a better sound system for his concerts. He is worn out.. Too bad he hasnt found someone to help him with his sound system.. If I knew how to help him I'd do it for free just to help him sound better….

  2. Found "Recommend", I'm not disappointed. We all of us grow older, if given the chance, and yes, our voices settle in a lower register. It's not about different keys, but working with the voice you have. Personally, it's great to see and hear him giving it a bit of welly. As for the clothes – this is him. Also glad to see he can still pull it off. The army boots and hotpants – yeay – have u seen those calves and thighs? Not many 50+ blokes look half as good. Maybe a better back-up troupe, after all, it's HiNRG dance synthpop, but overall, I'd happily pay to see them gig.
    Love To Hate You !

  3. Chorus is one of the best if not best up-tempo single…the live versions are always classic and stompy !…This sounds like a remix version …Maybe Vince put this remix together.