1985 Erasure (Vince Clarke, Auditions with Andy Bell)
“Who Needs Love Like That” and “One Day”
The Vocalists, 22th March 1985 – The Beginning of Erasure

“One Day” released in June 1985 with Paul Quinn

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  1. What a find the original advert with the list of days as well if I'm not wrong andy was 41 on the list and was asked to sing who needs love and olamour in his own interpretation and to do so within ten minutes he must have done something right and of course vince choose Andy 35 years on from now we've had all this absolutely beautiful music from vince and Andy I have followed them from the start have everything there have done keep the music coming love to the fans everywhere

  2. Thank you so much for posting this!! I have wished I could hear this for 30 years! I have the page posting the want ad, from the melody maker. Amongst my prize possessions! Love you Vince and Andy!