Erasure – Live at Bregenz, Austria
TV recording: 12.09.2017
TV broadcast: 01.10.2017
on ZDF German TV “Die große Drei-Länder-Show”
Love You To The Sky

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  1. So far my favorite is Love you to the sky !
    But I'm not finished listening to the 2017 Album .
    I can't wait and I will listen to Israel too.
    In an interview they mention that this album is not going to be so much an
    About Dance songs, it Is more of what they have to say in the world to the world .
    Since they've matured as we all do , I respect the route they have taken with this Album, remember they have to happy with singings these songs every night when there performing
    I hear a lot of artist later say in life that they hate singing some of there own songs  and they won't !
    Life is good for Erasure and they feel good and are one of the lucky ones who survived the crazy life of the 80s & 90s drugs and bad choices.
    They are a team to be reckoned with , I will always be a loyal audience.

    Like Morrissey says he doesn't like his audiences that he performs for to be called fans because he doesn't recognize his audience as crazy fanatics.

  2. Vince Clarke, he was everywhere in synthiland! DM, Erasure, Yazoo, where was VC NOT in involved? A multi talent! Love his music!

  3. belle mermaid from the lake magical playback sound from 1994 is better than live we want erasure to remain always in 1994

  4. Ossi-Kiewel plus Englisch (und Deutsch).. grossartig. Sinti- (und Roma) Pop am Mikrooo ziehen ihnen eine Gänsehaut über den Rücken…