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  1. not that…going through this rollercoaster of emotions with every song would be enough!!
    But having also all this memories linked with them, is once more the reason, why i love trance music the most…

  2. But anyway I can’t hold myself to admit that I would like to see Blizzard remix of Reasons to Forgive or Time to tide Gareth Emery remix or so… but as you said… wish to see you one day on Leidsplein at Easytimes. Many many thanks

  3. Quería asistir asot 2021 Utrecht pero con la pandemia no quise arriesgarme, el próximo año si Dios quiere, asistiré 🙌🏼🙌🏼
    Por lo mientras, online ❤️🤩

  4. First song in and I’m already in the vortex😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I LOVE YOU ARMIN!!!!!!!! Always and forever! Thank you for being the soundtrack to my most beautiful highlights. What a beautiful blessing you are. A beacon of love and light for the world! Thank you!!!❤️😍😘

  5. Armin really dedicated to doing a show every single week, amazing! There’s been rumors of him starting to hand the reins to someone which we can blame him, he deserves some time off!

  6. 20 years to 1k! Been listening since middle school in 2012, what a milestone to witness now. Thank you for the last 10 years of memories and helping me through the worst times in my life <3

  7. Hearing the stream start off with Beautiful Things was especially incredible; that was the song that was the beacon of light in my childhood during all the trials, tribulations, and trauma back in the mid-2000’s and was my introduction to this very genre ♥️ thank you for everything, Armin and the rest of the ASOT community!