“Always” (Jeremy Wheatley Mix 2009) from the forthcoming Erasure releases “Pop! Remixed” and “Total Pop! The First 40 Hits”.

Directed By: Jan Kounen
Production Company: HLA

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  1. No, it's not really. The whole point is to make it sound more contemporary, and it that I think JW has been successful. The "Pop!" mixes are obviously supposed to only be polished and updated. If you listen to "Who Needs Love Like That (Hamburg Mix)", which was the single release from the first "Pop!" compilation, then you'll hear that basically the only difference is in the thicker beat added, hence making it sound more 90's.

  2. There's a lot of people playing games on here…I just listened to the original first, then this one – Hardly any difference at all!!

    Love one annoyed Erasure fan 🙁

    Drama! mix is great thou! Now that's different!

  3. There's a really simple answer to that. On the first "Pop!" compilation released in 1992 the opening track was Who Needs Love Like That (since it was their very first single). That was the track that was remixed and released as a single. On the 2003 compilation "Hits!" Oh'Lamour was the opening track and also the one to be remixed/released as a single.

    So, since "Pop2!" is in chronological order too like the rest, the first track is Always. Once again they have chosen to follow the tradition…

  4. This is actually a new remix commissioned for the release of "Pop 40 Hits," to be released this month. It differs little from the original mix–the main change being a pumped-up bassline.