A lot of Pictures with good trance music. Dogzilla – Frozen remix

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  1. @brianktp dogzilla- frozen

    if you liked this you should check out, your eyes, and without you, also by dogzilla

  2. watch?v=fP3wW8V6aew …………. go there if your into ethereal german trance. Like this kind of trance…

    Just tryna help out fellow trancers ;>)

  3. Thanks Everyone for hitting and over cross the 2 million views frontier on my channel . I wish all Youtube fans and my supporters a wonderful day. P.S. Peace for all folks around Earth and Space.

  4. holy crap. when i listened to this i was like forced to fall asleep and it felt like hypnosis. is this what trance is supposed to do?

  5. Dude at the 4:05 mark when that guy starts talking about souls, that shit is intense especially as baked as I am. This song is so fucking deep people who say that trance is just dancy upbeat wavy synth's is wrong, this song has a deep message in it. Not only within the words but the melody if you listen to it deep enough.

  6. wooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 fudge i love this song!!! a perfect song to fhuck to >:D amazing song i love it and dogzilla :3 great pictures

  7. It's a shame that some unbelievable trance producers get little or no recognition. Check out "Suncraft" aswell … I guarantee you won't be disappointed!