The beats goes on and on in this good-vibes danceable episode, where some high-lift melodies are thrown in for balance.

This is about catchy melodies, big dance floor bangers and having fun – its new incredible, uplifting and energetic trance music. Its Uplifting – Deep – Epic – Energetic & Melodic.

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Thanks for the awesome music and keep up the good work. 🤸 💯 😊


Darren Porter & Ana Criado – Dream Like I Do 00:00 🔥

Talla 2XLC – Strike 05:05 🙌

Jan Johnston – Flesh (Simon McCann Remix) 10:11

Driftmoon – 11 Days 15:04 🔥

A.R.D.I. – Heart & Soul 20:37

Ben Alonzi & Ramin Arab – Unite 25:16 😲

Blue Serigala – Constitution 29:47

Adam Taylor – Primal Senses 34:11

Paul Miller – Chords Of Life 39:16

Basic Dawn – Pure Thrust (Dave Joy & Chris SX Remix) 43:23 🔥

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  1. so, I have been subbed for a while and I just want to tell you my favorite sets: #1 girl by the lake in the park, #2Carlsburg on the moon, #3supergirl with backwards S, and #4 gal gadot. Also, please put the "country girl with the crystal eyes" set back up. This set is now top 10. I'm really enjoying the tunes.