The Armin Only Intense World Tour – The Final Show

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  1. My favourite song ever! "It's such a beautiful, beautiful life, when every day is made of you and I. Just close your eyes and we could dance tonight forever!" Love songs don't need to be sloppy ballads. For me this says it all.

  2. Cindy.. I have to confess something.. This song is where you won me over.. From your super super amazing Voice to your even better dance rhythm. I have probably watch this video over 1,000 times over this past 3 months alone. Let alone since it was released. It really takes me somewhere great.. Where I have no worries.. Somewhere I can be FREE* Thank you for this and every song you have created for us.. You are such a blessing to have in this world.. I feel blessed and privileged to see and experience such an amazing person* Thank you~