Armin van Buuren is Mr. Perfect – Episode 1 of 6
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Today, Armin van Buuren started sharing a very personal documentary about the early days of his musical career. The six-episode story takes viewers on a ride through the mind of the five-time #1 DJ in the world himself as he gives a unique insight into his life as an artist, from his days as a curious toddler to the struggles and insecurities he faced as an emerging artist. In the end, it all culminates in the ‘The Best Of Armin Only’ show at the Johan Cruijf ArenA in Amsterdam on May 12 and 13, his biggest show to date.

Episode 1 of ‘Mr. Perfect’ tells the story of how Armin van Buuren caught the dance music bug back when he still lived with his parents. It focusses on his first music industry success through breakthrough record ‘Blue Fear’, starting and finishing up his “plan B” education and his 40th birthday, a memorable moment celebrates with friends, colleagues and business partners alike.

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  1. This is a very interesting film! in 2012 I watched the film – "A Year in the Life of Armin Van Burren". That film is also very good. But this is more detailed, more interesting and more "deeper" in meaning.

    All the best to Armin’s family! New tunes! New and good friends!

    Armin, I have said more than once that health is very important. Take care of your health, it will still be needed! Health to you, Erica, Fanny and Remy, as well as to your parents!

  2. Feeling like utter shit but I think about watching this as this is about one of my two biggest inspirations ever. I'm so drunk that I can't even sit anymore because drinking my depression away that I have since 2012 is all I can do. I hope thing will get better. I'm such a piece of garbage, a heartbroken dreamer and I doubt I'll ever be enough for anything…. I'm so lonely and I suck at life in genereal. Everything I do is shit and I want this nightmare to end. The only good moment in all these years I had was during ASOT 865 on May 15th 2018 when I finally met one of my two major inspirations. I still can't believe I had the opportunity… If I don't make it further I just wanted everyone and Armin to know I'm eternally thankful for this opportunity…