Armin van Buuren live at UNTOLD Festival 2019
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  1. Armin no es humano, imposible estar parado tocando en un solo lugar y además sonriendo como siempre lo hace por 8 horas, es un puto dios Alv

  2. 2016: This is my favourite set.
    2017: THIS is my favourite set.
    2018: No,this is my favourite set.
    2019: THIS IS MY FAVOURITE SET. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    This guy goes a level high every year.😎

  3. the best set i have ever been to in person, an absolutely incredible journey from start till the end! The energy armin manages to give us in the crowd is something else.
    Loved dancing in the rain with everyone to the early morning! Shame it was cut just a bit short because of it but more than 7 hours is still god damn amazing! Also romania and Untold, you are awesome, what a great crowd the whole weekend, still so many people even at 8-9 in the morning is just amazing!