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  1. This is so not the original audio! Idk how this was made n synced to the video? But there's no crowd sounds no mic was the most obvious give away the audios too clean doesnt sound live but recorded as it is and that much is more true now then it was as it was being recorded. shit like this is what makes ppl say dumb shit like "prerecorded set man" fkn dumbasses as they're cuz in the actual umftv version where the crowd can be heard and the mic we can clearly hear the beat matching on a small handful of occassions where its just barely out only another DJ would be able to hear it. i love to hear that as it proves beyond the shadow of a doubt its a live set not a recording which some shite DJs do try to play off. oh what i just heard the mixing here how td did u seperate the audio from the original tracks mixed in real time from the crowd and all other ambient audio? this must have been recorded in real time from an audio out from maybe that DJBACKLINE thing that looks new this yr lol idk. i can't afford such pro gear all i got is a chrome book n that's a downgrade from my old only ipod touch5 lmao was a great lil DJ tool for fun using edjing but its a shite app now and so is djay which was a great app till 1 day it got updated. anyway I'm just curious how the i guess master was all that got recorded here & the how of it all.