so here it is! ringing in 2013 with the nyctrancefamily and avb. way to start the year off right!

sorry for the chaotic start of filming…armin came on half an hour earlier than i thought and i had to bail on the marathon bathroom line as soon as ‘ill listen’ started. was only able to get 3.5 hrs of the 4 hour set (hey, i needed an occasional break and battery changes :P)

incredible track selection. i evolved into a higher dimensional being at least 3 separate times throughout the set. and sometimes i forgot i was zoomed in while dancing. my apologies. hope you all enjoy! (but y no lazers armin??)

i have no idea why my audio cut out around 01:48:00 – 01:53:00. weird. possible editing fail.

FULL tracklist @ …mind you im missing about 30 mins and im not sure which tracks i missed at the moment…

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  1. aw thanks for the invite..if i had the cash for that flight i wouldve so taken you up on that offer! btw 3.5 hours is no problem for me holding the camera up anymore. now ULTRA…thats gonna be a challenge. 12p-12a plus after p[arties going til 6am. filming as much as my SD cards and batteries will allow. my arms will be jelly after miami music week! for all vids make sure u sub to my channel dancemfers3 since i cant upload full length vids on this account anymore πŸ™

  2. after a hell on earth day at work, coming home to comments like that makes it all worth it =D. thank you all for the kind words!