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The official soundtrack for the A State Of Trance Festival series in 2015, spanning several continents: it’s the ASOT Festival Anthem.
The time has come, to join forces… in unity, friendship, and love. Together, in A State of Trance. This year’s A State of Trance anthem is now on the horizon, and here’s a small taste of what the future holds.
Join us as we come together for the greatest celebration on earth. It’s time to go back to the essence. Back to where it all started. That incredible feeling. Together in A State Of Trance.


  1. This wasn't even Armin's best work. Still great, but not a true classic like some of his older tracks. The funny thing though, is that I really miss the Armin of 2014, when compared to the joke that he is now.

  2. Esto es magnífico
    se eriza la piel, y de inmediato puedes sumergirte en un mar de recuerdos . familia , amigos, convivencia , travesías, viajes , sueños …y cuando algo logra tocar el corazón de una persona
    Eso no tiene límites
    Gracias por esta belleza
    Trance 🔊💚
    Armin van Buuren


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