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The official soundtrack for the A State Of Trance Festival series in 2015, spanning several continents: it’s the ASOT Festival Anthem.
The time has come, to join forces… in unity, friendship, and love. Together, in A State of Trance. This year’s A State of Trance anthem is now on the horizon, and here’s a small taste of what the future holds.
Join us as we come together for the greatest celebration on earth. It’s time to go back to the essence. Back to where it all started. That incredible feeling. Together in A State Of Trance.

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  1. Its a really hard time for us trance producers, Trance is evolving and you can see in this song's case, Armin is trying to stay within trance while incorporating it with the modern edm feel. I guess this is acceptable. But classic Armin is the best!

  2. My top 5 of the anthem of A State Of Trance is status excessu D (A state of trance 500)
    The expedition (A State Of Trance 600)
    together (a state of trance 700)
    I'm In A State Of Trance (A State of trance 750)
    I live for that energy (A State Of Trance 800)