Arroyo album, chapter 10 – After a diaster, feel mixed feelings of despair and hope about a possible future.
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Hope and Despair is a quite fast tempo track using some melodic and oriental tunes.

“Arroyo-20” is a melodic trance music album, and a tribute to post apocalyptic videogames saga Fallout. The album is built like a book, each track is a chapter of the musical story.

Tracklist of the album :
01 – After The Storm
02 – Prophecy For Arroyo
03 – Quest For A Future
04 – Injection Of Testosteroids
05 – Girlfriend Of The Esclavagist
06 – Come Ride My Chopper
07 – Desolation Road Trip
08 – Casino Break
09 – Land Of The Broken Dreams
10 – Hope And Despair
11 – Prayer For The Heroes
12 – Where Is It
13 – Garden Of Eden In A Pocketbox
14 – Back In Arroyo

Axl Sang
Motional Xperiments

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