0:00 – 1:40 (9pm – ATB)
1:40 – 4:46 (Don’t Stop – ATB)
4:46 – 9:12 (Words – Paul van Dyk feat. Toni Halliday)

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  1. Love this stuff
    There is a feeling of motion in it , how about  a team of horses running through the snow,  positive energy running forward unrestrained.

  2. Es una composición musical perfecta, 😍😍melodía sensacional🙏🙏 simplemente es perfecta🙌 desde España escuchando esta increíble maravilla♥♥

  3. I'm an old school raver… as we used to be called… been to many raves in my time (15-20ys ago)… and I even saw DJ BABY ANN AND DJ ICEY once… truly breathtaking!! But my FIRST favorite song was 9pm… ATB is just so amazing… him and Tiesto are my all time favorites… and if I'm NOT mistaken… ATB's 9pm was voted #1 dance track in 2009 or 2010… yep… he could really mix some stellar stuff!!
    btw.. to me the 2nd song sounds like a different version of 9pm… it has a similar sound and beat… but on THIS particular track the 3rd song is my favorite… (I just found out its supposedly Paul Van Dyk "words for love"?? I hope thats right cuz I wonder if there's a version of just that song…) when I hear it
    then and now it has a sad sound… like desperation and need… VERY emotional track… I love it… I LOVE IT ALL!
    💜ky mama