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  1. Great concept. But to be really grasp the full potential of the product, it would require everywhere to implement the technology to use it all over the globe. = Very Costly :/
    Still a nice piece of kit.

  2. I didn't knew this and saw Armin doing it live at ASOT ASIA in Mumbai and I thought that was the first time he did it but it appears he was doing it (or rather testing it) much earlier. It was a crazy experience seeing it live!

  3. 那些舞台效果 多半都是透過加速規陀螺儀得到的效果
    並非是MYO主打的"EMG" ……
    只是加速規陀螺儀的話 手機即可辦到

  4. What happened to that technology now, are you gonna use it in the future or is it too complicated and time-consuming in terms of preparation to implement it in your sets?? I personally find that this is absolutely cool, I would want to see it more often 😍