‘Glue EP’ Out Now –
Ninjashop / Stream / Download: https://bicep.lnk.to/glue-epYO

Taken from ‘Glue EP’ released 2nd November 2017 via Ninja Tune.

Inspired by the song’s homage to the rave era, the video for Bicep’s GLUE by Joe Wilson is a series of landscapes which revisit the sites once brought alive by now infamous raves. Today they sit desolate and empty, retreating back to their former state, with little to show of their impact they had on UK music culture. The static shots offer space to reflect on the importance and idiosyncrasy of these locations and how an abandoned lido, remote airfield and disused warehouse helped to shape the lives of a generation.

Juxtaposed with the images are the hazy, fragmented recollections of those who were there, lifted from Youtube comment sections of the genre’s most defining sounds. Perhaps the most beautiful and poignant pieces of evidence from the period, they eulogise over a time of unity and euphoria, and are a longing to be returned for just one more night.

Film by Joe Wilson (http://joseph-wilson.co.uk)
Executive Producers: Saskia Whinney & Freddie Fraser-Forsyth
Producer: Carla Steinberg
Production Company: TOPSAFE (http://topsafe.london)
Camera Assistants: Corey Bartle-Sanderson, Lottie Bea Spencer, Holly Lucas
Colourist: Myles Bevan at Time Based Arts
Typography: Studio Terrasse

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  1. I am married without kids, and I don't recognise a brain, my doctor does (luckily), he's a smart guy. But I wouldn't know… right, no brain.

  2. helo bordel person me rep je konpren po, jrev dfèr dla musik mé g pa de rep g komenté tt si vs avé des konseil disé mwa mci : traduksion = koman percé ds le game

  3. Hey dude, Id love to use this track for a little visual documentary art film. Would you mind ? Of course will give you credit in the description 🙂

  4. I'm 25 and from Canada. My first exposure to 'electronic music' was through some trance DJ set then I fell through a rabbit hole of Discogs/SoulSeek. That was 13 years ago. I have precious few friends in my country who "get me" but I fucking love this shit. Hardcore you know da score?

  5. La canzone nella discoteca in una scena di "Dogman". Bellissimo film! E mi ha fatto scoprire questa canzone troppo bella!

  6. Beautifully done…. Thank you for sharing…You brought me to tears…. I’m from the NY scene, felt EVERY MOMENT, though I’ve never been to those places…. WE ARE ALL ONE ✊🏼💖✨I’m 40… and so glad I had that time in my life… we are all very blessed to have this awareness… I am thankful for it everyday… much love!