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Dziękujemy za pomoc przy realizacji filmu:
Tadeuszowi Łazowskiemu
Grzegorzowi Szerszeniowi
Janowi Gąsowskiemu
Bibliothece Bielavianie
Bielawskiej Placówce Muzealnej

When Husband, after publishing „Enjoy the Silence” clip (, asked enthusiastically „So what now ‘Never…’?” I felt overwhelmed with emotions, excitement but also with exhaustion and responded quickly „No way”. But history repeated itself as it was with „Enjoy…”. When I imagined ruins of textile mills from Bielawa and went into this conversation with Husband, we knew that „Bielawa never let us down again…” is our main message.

We were aware, that this project will require more work and involving other people, from the very beginning. „Bielawa, never let me down again” was created step-by-step. Husband divided original clip into single scenes, and we knew we will need a few new props. And it started from… buying old German megaphone ( Later on antique market we bought old oil lamp, which was renovated by Husband. We ordered two jackets, hat and sunglasses via Internet. We borrowed few things like cups with ‘Bielbaw’ logo and pitcher lid from local museum in Bielawa. We used the collections of Bibliotheca Bielaviana, specifically a few videos of Bielbaw’s demolition. That was the easier part. Then we took care of two more difficult challenges.

When we were watching the scene, where Dave is sitting near the older man, we immediately imagined who could play this role. And although Husband thought that our friend will not agree taking part in our project, I had no doubts that it has to work. Tadeusz perfectly fitted to the message of our clip, because he used to be the photographer in Bielbaw and he has a lot of memories about this place. To our surprise, we didn’t have to convince him for a long time and we recorded this scene quite spontaneously. It was very funny, because we had to take the door off the hinges so the actors can fit in the area 1,5×1,5m in the corner of our apartment.

It was time to take the second step of recording our cover. We followed our first thought about picking the car, that could replace famous BMW Isetta. We had to find someone who would be able to lend us Fiat 126p also known as ‘Maluch’. We had to ask around, but we finally find a upbeat man from Bielawa who was passionate about old polish cars. That’s how we met Grzegorz. We have worked well together. We would like to thank him for his patience and commitment.

Our children also took part in recording this clip. They are also fans of Depeche Mode music, so the wanted to be in the clip. This movie became family project. So Husband played the role of Dave, Wife was Alan, Son – Martin and Daughter – Andy.

There was a moment that we thought that we will reschedule recording this clip for the next year, because of epidemic and lock down. We weren’t sure if we could make videos before rapeseed shed blossom. Though part of restrictions was lifted and we went around for a great adventure in our local scenery.

Every scenes was recorded in our hometown in 2020. Returning to our message… History of Bielawa (the city on the side of Sowie Mountains in the Dolnośląskie region in Poland) is related to textile industry. We have fondness for the non-existing Bielbaw’s buildings, because our ancestors worked there. We feel sad when we look at ruins of this place, which decaying over time ( The factory was declared bankrupt in 2008, after over 200 years of activity. In our interpretation we wanted to pay attention to evanescence and to keep in memory the history of our town. We hope that the city authorities won’t let us down. It is about saving the old buildings, where could be created Museum of Textiles in Bielawa. It is possible that in a short time there will be no sign of textile industry in Bielawa… Previous generations carry the memories in heads, but it is also important to provide the possibility for our descendants to get tangibly to know history of their hometown.

P.S. We know that the pitcher is in the other direction in original scene with Dave ;-). It is not coincidence or mistake. We wanted to show Bielbaw’s logo.

And a special thanks to:
Tadeusz Łazowski
Grzegorz Szerszeń
Jan Gąsowski
Bibliotheca Bielaviana
Bielawska Placówka Muzealna

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