A few caveats:

My camera was acting unusual today and kept ruining the audio with fuzz. There is a little fuzz at a few parts here, but the information is still there. On the bright side, there won’t be any fuzz when you play it on your own piano or keyboard. 🙂

The other thing is that because the fuzz was so severe, I had to film this tutorial three times. By the third time, I was a bit tired. That’s all.

For Depeche Mode fans, if you haven’t seen Tori Amos’ video for Spark, it’s highly recommended because it plunges into darkness with a beautiful melancholy vibe much as DM themselves do. It’s also musically very complex. Props to pop/rock artists who put a little brainpower in their work.

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  1. thank you for this great tutorial – I really love this interpretation of enjoy the silence. one of the most melodic pieces of music I ever heard.
    I was able to follow you on the most parts of this tutorial, but the closer the video gets to the end, I did not get and see most of the chords and notes. I would be so thankful If you could post the notes also here in the comments or the description of the video. Or maybe someone else could?
    I would be thankful a 1000 times…
    So Far, thank you a lot and never mind the haters – just ignore, they are not worth to spend a second on their comments. 

  2. wow.  THANK YOU.  I was looking at the tab for this song as I was like "Ebm ?  wtf ?  there's no Ebm in C minor".  but you're right.  it works.  and Martin is amazing.

  3. Thank you for sharing. May I suggest something? Cause I got completely lost in the structure of the progressions. Pls upload a new video, but this time completely structured, cause u kept missing bits and pieces. It became really messy. And in the end I could not follow u at all. Try to use notes wrtten down for yourself about what steps you have to follow to make the tutorial more clear for the viewers to follow without u hesistating what steps to follow or keep missing or hitting wrong keys. And make the changes more clear. Even with billion replays I could not follow your steps as if you got tired and just wanted to finish the g*damm toturial. Take your time. The beginning was ok. Then halfway it got really messy. I have pieces, but it's like a messy unfinished puzzle now. Nonetheless my tiny thumb is up.

  4. Sounds like Boyle from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

    "Jake! I learned this cool new tune on the piano!"
    "Is it a Toni Amos song?"
    "YES! How did you guess?!"

  5. I thank you for this great lesson, I always wanted to play this song , now thanks to you I am able to. You made it very simple. God Bless.

  6. excellent way to explain but you should put the subtitles in Spanish both for Spain and for Mexico as well as in French and Portuguese, because we are the ones that use the most of your video and some do not understand what you said It would be cool for you to do that. Greetings from Mexico ✌✌✌✌✌