Okay it’s not quite as good as Sasha’s mix, but it’s pretty good all the same IMO.


  1. @ranunculo1979 Watch out 4 the 2nd PvD's RECOLLECTED remix ….
    I have this mixes in two 2x 12" releases. One is a very rare Promo package on MUTE Reprise, the other is a PERFECTO PROMO

  2. this mix is way harder than sasha's. this mix is more of a harder trance & is better played where trance is peaking at a club 4am. Goes off.

  3. Wow – this was one hell of a mix of this tune.  I remember hearing it in a club back in 97 and was totally blown away by the kick drum.  I think dance music at this time reached about a peak for its technical quality.  It has gone down hill since then.


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