Is it possible to make catchy retro synthpop music with only a cheap synth module from the late 80s? Does gear really matters if the song is strong enough to begin with? You decide!
High quality&24 Hours Build Time:

The Kawai PHm “the pop module” from 1989. A non-GM module of the PH50. 200 presets which sounds like down-sampled versions of the Kawai K1 sounds.
I find this module highly capable of making gritty, crunchy and beautiful sounds and with a bit of (lots actually) compression, EQ, reverb and arranging I think this sounds perfect for this song. I wouldn’t want to change out one single sound.

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Growing up I listened to so much synth-pop and it’s only natural that my own music takes inspiration from many of the acts I loved back then. I still love them and listen to them!

Howard Jones, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Erasure, Thompson Twins, Tears for Fears, The Human League, Propaganda. FGTH, Ultravox, OMD, Eurythmics, Duran Duran, Giorgio Moroder, Jean Michel Jarre, Jan Hammer, Alphaville, A-ha as well as loads of artists doing what is now called Italo Disco. And many more great acts like Nik Kershaw, Spandau Ballet, Wham, Dire Straits ++

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  1. Demonstrated sounds:
    7:07 137 – Backin'Sy2
    7:29 135 – String Ens
    7:42 133 – Analog Str
    8:05 132 – DeepString
    8:33 131 – Revelation
    8:52 130 – StringWash
    9:04 129 – NealLarsen
    9:24 120 – FunkGuitar
    9:32 117 – OB-Brass
    9:49 116 – Brasstrix
    10:03 111 – Kick Bass2
    10:15 108 – Bass Gtr. 2
    10:31 107 – Blue Note
    10:47 106 – E GrPiano2
    11:05 101 – Al's Rhodes
    11:22 100 – Bottle Bell
    11:28 088 – Jan's Theme
    11:44 069 – OrientBell
    11:53 040 – Jump! PHm
    12:02 004 – Real Rhodes
    12:27 142 – Flex Solo
    12:39 176 – Mowaaaa-

  2. Wow! Congrats. This is amazing. Yes – it sounds like a PSB track. And of course it needs talent and good ideas much moore than expensive gear for making good music.

  3. make one with a Casio with on board speakers LOL This song you put together for this video is very good, well done takes me back in time Thank you Kraft

  4. Sweet Jesus, listening to this and I thought great eighties sound then heard the guy sing and had me looking for the original by pet shop boys,,,,,,,,,,,,obviously there isn’t one, if only this guy had released this way back then

  5. Man! That's fire! I noticed your Roland. I have a D20 that is my baby; still setting up my home studio, but this is good content of what's possible.

  6. I've been coming back to this video to listen to the song every now and again. Now it's in my Spotify.

    Nice track and impressive demo. Like many of life's pleasures (racing cars, camping, music, photography) the gear will only take you so far.