Monday, September 16, 2019

Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys – Listening (Blade 2015 Mix)

Unofficial Fan Made Mix All Rights Owned By Pet Shop Boys & Partners Visit B-Side From The Single 'Memory Of The Future'

Pet Shop Boys Electric Live Shanghai 2013 4.

Leaving, Thursday, Love Etc, I get Excited, Rent You must see them live if Pet Shop Boys visit your area. Its an excellect show!! Long live Pet Shop Boys.

Pet Shop Boys – West End girls – Subtitulos Español e...

Segunda cancion del disco please Si eres fan de este fantastico grupoagrega esta direccion a tu messenger aqui encontraras mas fans para intercambiar material y contar anecdotas. De diversos paises. Saludos ************************* No olvides visitar: ******************** West End girls Sometimes you're better off dead There's a gun in your hand and it's pointing at your…

Robbie Williams, Pet Shop Boys – She's Madonna

Stream the full 'Rudebox' album here - Connect with Robbie Williams Official Robbie Williams App – Website – Sign up to the newsletter – Apple Music – Spotify – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter –

Pet Shop Boys – Go West (High Quality)

Pet Shop Boys est un duo britannique formé en 1981 par Neil Tennant et Chris Lowe. Histoire Les Pet Shop Boys sont un groupe britannique de musique new wave (synthé-pop, électro-pop). Il est composé de Neil Tennant au chant, au clavier et occasionnellement à la guitare et de Chris Lowe au synthétiseur et parfois au…

Dragon Boy$ – Amnesia

Siga Dragon Boy$ no Spotify - Siga Dragon Boy$ no Instagram - @dragonboysoficial "it's time to change my mind" /

I Want A Dog – Pet Shop Boys

This version of 'I Want A Dog' appeared on the B-side of the single 'Rent', released in 1987. It has a lot more relaxed feel to it, compared to the remixed version on 'Introspective'. I've always loved the fact that the snare drum is a dog bark...genius.

Pet Shop Boys – We are the Pet Shop Boys

My tribute to the Pet Shop Boys on their song from their videoclips. If you are a PSB fan, please visit my webpage, in heading Fotogalerie is lot of photos and scans:-)

Pet Shop Boys Left To My Own Devices

Lyrics I get out of bed, at half past ten Phone up a friend, who's a party animal Turn on the news and drink some tea Maybe if you're with me, we'll do some shopping One day I'll read or learn to drive a car If you pass the test, you can beat the rest…

Pet Shop Boys – So Hard [The KLF Versus Pet Shop...

CD: So Hard (The KLF vs. Pet Shop Boys) [CD, Maxi-Single] Genre: Pop Year of Release: 1990 Composers: Chris Lowe; Neil Tennant Remix Version [Official Release] ©1990 EMI Electrola -- Lyric: Instrumental -- ©1990 EMI Electrola