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Tomorrow is the super blue blood moon, a rare event. Many of my friends aren’t dealing with the combination of this moon cycle, January depression, the President and the bad news around the world. Take a moment and enjoy something simple, meditative and healing. Revert to good memories in your childhood or dream of the future, but most importantly enjoy the precious moments we have now.

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  1. I honestly and strongly feel ,
    That you are some Master of musical Art and Healing
    From our long, long distant past…
    Who has reincarnated again , to be here
    For the so, so, so many in need, ..What a GIFT .
    Your music touches the soul in such deep ways ,
    Where words could never ever reach….
    Thank you.

  2. This piece really does take the edge off. Right now in this time of extreme stress that we’re under, I’m having a awful time getting to sleep and this really does allow me to drift away into nothingness. Thank you.