Classic Detroit Techno Mix Part 1 of 7; Detroit Techno Music dating from 1981 to 1991 (The first decade of Detroit Techno). Just digging for records trying to see what songs I was going to use before this gig. The songs in this mix are mostly on the Express, incognito, KMS, Transmat, and Metroplex Record lables from Detroit. Hold on tight, dont let go, this is DETROIT TECHNO!

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  1. So old yet so ahead to the mainstream music of the time. Even today it still sounds futuristic.

  2. It's cool how you can tell the exact second that techno became influenced by house music, and merged into a brand new sound. It's fantastic.

  3. What's good man, say could I ask for the tracklist, would be much appreciated man, thanks in advance.

  4. пидарское дерьмо. ни одного трека техно. тем более ни одного детройт техно. одно електро. есть конечно хорошие треки. но это блять не техно. автор уебан.

  5. . The entire multi billion dollar industry of electronic music exists because of Detroit techno as this guy mixes it from his home as europeans hate. I guess we still profit from there work.

  6. Excellent classic selection. Best era for Detroit Techno & Electro music. The mix is as tight
    as a gnat's ass. Even these so called digital DJs don't get the mix and timing as good. Fantastic!