Dark Techno Set 2019 / Industrial Techno / Underground Techno / Hard Techno Set mixed in January 2019 – dance hard and enjoy the dark sound ♥ Just presenting my favorite tracks of the month!

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Mix by DOPEamine.
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  1. Sorry for the ads that YT puts in my vids 😑 this music should be played in one flow.
    Yes… I know people say I dance too much in my sets 😀 But I just love the tracks, so if you want somebody just standing there and mixing many songs, you will need to look somewhere else 😀
    Thanks for watching <3 Much love for T E C H N O

    Kai Pattenberg & Dolica – Red Baron (Original Mix)
    D.N.S – Drag (Original Mix)
    Luix Spectrum & Silvano Scarpetta – No Mercy (Original Mix)
    Bolster – Restless (Original Mix)
    Thomas Schumacher – Reversal (Original Mix)
    Dolica – Your Feet (Original Mix)
    Shadym & Tximeleta – Me Me Feel (Original Mix)
    Hazzar – Impact (Original Mix)
    Sisko Electrofanatik & FAC3OFF – Aware (Kostha & Julian Ess Remix)
    D.N.S – Polterabend (Original Mix)
    CRAE – Corrupt Me (Original Mix)
    Eugen Kunz & Elhase – Nwo (Prodx Remix)
    Alain Delay – Your Body (Diatek Remix)
    Teenage Mutants – Future (Gallya Remix)

  2. thats really do0pe my neighbours called cops on me because i turned the loudness and base so 75 % haha they were realy mad
    i found it funny 😀
    LOVE DARK TECHNO !!!!!!!!!

  3. Such a good mix!! With subs it is a1. The neighbors probably wonder why there has been a constant 'womp womp womp' for an hour straight

  4. Oh my f*en god what an amazing set. Straight in your face, and that's what I like. Please keep up the good work. The dancing part shows just one thing…you're living the music and that is what counts. Fuck yeah ❤🙏❤🎊🎉