Depeche Mode
Cologne, Cologne Arena
5 10 1998
The Singles Tour

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  1. I can listen to this hundreds, thousands of times. No stupid smartphones, the audience moves in waves like one. Thanks Dave Gahan, dear sweet dark angel. Love you great guys.

  2. Depeche Mode. Prolly the best band ever. If I have a bad day at work,after I pretty much Depeche it and then everything is all good. I don't know if they know they have that power but thanks Dave , Martin , and crew for being my goto.

  3. Oh , and I found a rare tracks mix from the U K that I love to. The Barcelona concert that I had on dvr untill it broke was really good too. My Shoes! Great guys.

  4. Extraordinario…el último gran concierto de Depeche Mode …de la mano del gran productor Tim Simenon…friend del maestro ALAN WILDER…