pop music…respect to mute records..instrumental song
and i think it’s one of the best instrumental songs ever made

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  1. Met a Vietnam era Veteran a few months ago, and although he relented on sharing any details about the Vietnam War, he did not shy away from explaining all of the havoc that exposure to Agent Orange has caused him. Now so many years after that devastating war, he is still undergoing the effects that such a dastardly component has played in his life and in the lives of countless other men who performing their duty fell victim to it. Hearing this tune now kind of tears me up inside.

  2. I think that it's long overdue for DM to write the soundtrack to a great movie….that may be the problem though, not many great movies….but something that is haunting and fantastic, I could totally see them doing the score! Listen to the Soulsavers/Dave Gahan albums, you'll see if you can't picture it by just listening to Agent Orange.

  3. words can't describe how calm and peaceful I feel listening to this. the morse code sound layered over the piano and synth is beautiful. timeless yet captures the essence of 80's electronic music perfectly.

  4. I went to my first Depeche Mode in 1994. I became an instant fan. The next day I bought the Music for the Masses album. This takes me back to then.

  5. As a writer, I enjoy lyricizing; and this is one of my favorite instrumentals (second only to Jim Chappell's "Over the Top" album). Per the usual, the lyrics follow the melody, generally. Written in June 1999.

    Tell me what is this
    Revolving insanity?
    Tell me how does this turn?
    Cradled unsafely
    Beneath empty skies, here.
    What is there left unlearned?
    Walking through the night,
    I saw my life,
    In shadows, before me.
    Cold hallowed eyes
    And empty shallow hands,
    She didn’t talk to me.
    I never knew
    all the pain you’ve been through.
    I could’ve fought instead,
    through all those fights.
    And not have acted dead

  6. Impressions, song v historical context?

    The image that comes to my mind is a grizzled aging man, a Vietnam veteran, perhaps sitting in a shadowy corner in a bar, hunched over a drink, yearning to forget the past but constantly haunted by it.
    The helicopter-ish sound warped by the synthesizer gives me the impression of a memory, washed by time, perhaps muffled by memories the vet is trying to cover and silence.
    The dark, steady beat of the percussion makes me picture his heart pulsing with every memory that bubbles up from the dark, forgotten shadows.
    The piano makes me picture him reflecting on the lighter memories, friends on bases, card games, drinks and cigs with the guys during the lighter moments.
    The short, almost harmonica-like interludes, maybe someone in his platoon had a harmonica and would hum out melancholy tunes in the background between missions?
    Through it all, though, that subtle but ominous beat keeps warning that bad times could arrive at any moment.
    The morse code at the end is what really gets the tears flowing though, that final, fatal mission where the crap really hit the fan, and hovered over his fallen brothers in arms, the radio operator was begging for backup, a helicopter, evac, but the reception was poor or something, and all he could get out was a morse code SOS, the last haunting sounds before everything fades out to silence, helicopter blades washing between the signal tappings…

  7. The soundtrack of my youth… "Depressed Mode" as my friends called them, they never understood…