Another B-side. Appears in “Shake the Disease” single.


Can have strange effects
Can have strange effects

I ask myself
Is it a sin
To be flexible
When the boat comes in

Open the window and out go ideals

Can alter you
Can have strange effects, too

We all know boats don’t last
We all know cars are fast

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  1. Can people reply by stating in your opinion what this song is about? Would love to hear different opinions and its really te only song from DM I've had trouble understanding its meaning or in typical DM songs, its double meaning 🙂

  2. I dare to ask for sending of the treasure
    that i unfortunetly don' t have in my possesion
    (yet). B-sides and rare DM releases would make
    everything worth no matter how useless and stupid
    it all prooves it self to be. The cure for troubled mind,
    broken body and numb spirit is in your hands, so please
    fix me by sending me a healing masterpiece DM made
    and hopefully you're share.
    Forever in your dept, thanx!

  3. The regular version of 'Flexible' can also be found on the Shake the Disease CD singles (and in some versions, also the 'Pre-Deportation Mix') – there are copies on eBay. But it seems 'Flexible' is unavailable for purchase on iTunes.

  4. I'm not country music's biggest fan, but if DM was a country act with this sort of style and sound, I'd be first in line for every show they put on. In retrospect, this song could have been a precursor for Personal Jesus; just my two cents.