So, I would like to apologize to everyone for my grammatical errors in this video. When I made this, I wasn’t even thirteen yet and I had’nt developed the stickler-for-grammar tendencies I have now. I didn’t realize I was wrong. XD oh well haha but for anyone who is a borderline grammar nazi (like me) or a full on one, you have my apologies. 🙂

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  1. this band had a big say in changing the landscape of music just like new order and prince craft work the 80s such a variety of sounds

  2. Saw them live for Black Celebration tour and they KILLED IT!!! It was an outdoor concert and DP waited till pitch black to start then 12 foot high amps/towers stacked started to play the beginning of Flies on the Windscreen it was so sick i was looking for a bucket to puke in! So then played an extended version of the song. Again an unreal show. I don't bring girls to concerts or bars it's like bringing sand to the damn beach! Why plenty already there. But this one was smart enough to bring a little bad ass hottie that would wear Espirit and Guess one day then skate threads the next sneaking out her window with me and ride all night on one of those old Grace Jones Honda scooters. Fuck she smelled so good- like Poison or, 273 or Liz Claiborne in red triangle bottle and mint gum. At 13 years old you are learning how fragile the male ego is when you fall for a girl. The night was so perfect making out and holding each other to perfect music that I think I finally did- I blew groceries out my friends door on ride home from how I felt about her. I was a cocky little fuck completely wrecked by her and smells of wine coolers mint gum and that damn Poison perfume all over me.