Sounds of the Universe – Corrupt (True Blood)

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  1. Oh Eric I love you lol… But Bill in real life you just as got with normal hair and a British accent! It's even tie for the two of you now that I've seen them both in Conan

  2. Potrei traviarti
    In un battito di cuore
    Pensi di essere così speciale
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    Cosa stai cercando di fare?
    Non tentarmi nemmeno
    Presto piangerai
    E desidererai di avermi [solo] sognato

    Chiamerai il mio nome
    Quando avrai bisogno di qualcuno da incolpare 215

  3. datas centers,interfaces,android system,chips,barcode retailer,download ,cells mast,servers infiltrated by government,police,hackers payroll govt.!! social networking,indect,osint,advertising,military ,softwares!! all corrupted,e- fraud,e- money laundering!!jm

  4. dang, they ruint the best part of the song,,,,,cut out this part "They could sedate you
    But what good would drugs be?" and skipped it horribly, I just love the way that part sounds