The things she does aren’t good for his health..

script and directing:
Adrianna Dziedziela

Edyta Supera
Asia Olczykowska
Przemysław Wirczyński

Depeche Mode-Dangerous (EMI Music Publishing)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any rights for the music.It’s just a fan video we made with passion for the band.

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  1. this and Sea of Sin should have been on Violator damnit.., this is a lovely video to go with it though. only one of my Girls gets this cut. She knows who She is…

    she wasn't Eastern Bloc like you Adrianna, that is such a pretty name, she was High Desert Latina.
    Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban & Black. it hurt just to look at Her.

    God in Heaven, you are sexy and dark. I'd let you chloroform me every day and twice on Sunday Kiddo.

  2. Świetna robota, zupełnie przypadkowo natknąłem się na te klip, ale obejrzałem z ogromnym zainteresowaniem i przyjemnością, super wplecione detale w kilku ujęciach, rewelacja, gratuluje pomysłu i wykonania!

  3. Without such videos in the day (early '90s) this was all in your head. Now it's available everywhere.
    depeche's (actually Martin's music) said waaaay big things before its time.
    Alan was the leader of this one. This is his B-Side really. That was wise.
    I am no Alan fanboy, though I would to thank him sooooo much for the early works, but he lent something, for a long time. And will never leave true fans sense.
    Very Nice!!

  4. Странно, что Depeche Mode не сняли на этот сингл в своё время в 80-е годы клип. Антон Корбайн не знал что снять или группа не захотела, история умалчивает. А клип получился отличный, как-будто сами депеши сняли. Молодцы!