Depeche Mode “Spirits In The Forest” out NOW. Available as a 2 CD, 2 CD/2 DVD and 2 CD/2 Blu-Ray package.
The package includes LiVE SPiRiTS, never-before-seen full-concert video and audio from the final shows in Berlin. Buy now:

Here is the Performance from Everything Counts.
All Rights of this Video go to Depeche Mode.


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  1. One of the best bands, period! But is it just me who struggles with Gores vibrato – live. It just doesn’t sound right to me. Also having seen them live countless times, I find it mildly irritating that DG has to fill every gap with ‘oh yeah’ or ‘sing it’ on almost every song he sings live.

  2. Ich bin Fan der ersten Stunde,die Musik von Depeche Mode hat mich immer begleitet und ja für mich ist diese Musik einfach ein Lebensgefühl, da geht nichts drüber. Wahrscheinlich höre ich die noch mit 80👍

  3. Greetings from Finland. When I was teenager 1983 this song was the first song/video that I saw from Depeche Mode and that was the beginning.. after that Depeche Mode was my spirit 🙂

  4. Just doesnt sound right without Alan Wilder ..This version with live drums sounds crap to be honest….They have lost that groove they had….I get that they are older now though.

  5. What idiot made the poorly crafted synth version of the accordion sample? The sheer lack of attention to detail in combination with the helplessly arrhythmic Gordeno makes this sound like a high-school tribute band without access to the bands ressources… So happy I chose not to go to Waldbühne and also thankful my preorder of the BluRay set was cancelled by the shop so I could hear the recording on Tidal before wasting money on this.

    Unless they let the monkey at the cans and Gordeno go I am never again wasting my money on DM.
    The (less than stellar quality) vinyl boxes and "Spirits in the Forest" marks the first time since 1981 I'm not buying every official Depeche Mode release.