This is a follow up video to the Previous Fletch video, “Just what exactly does fletch do?” We continue the topic of discussion to clarify Fletch’s role within Depeche Mode.

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  1. Everyone has their strengths – and Fletch is NOT a musician, by any stretch of the imagination, but there is so much more to keeping a band going, touring, making money and being a success. Perhaps we will never know what Fletch's contributions are, but I feel sure that without his enduring presence and work behind the scenes the band would have crumbled long, long ago.

  2. I remember my acting teachers telling us decades ago, "There are no small parts, only small actors." I guess that goes for musicians, too.

  3. If you want to know what Fletchers role is all about read the biography by Steve Malins called Black Celebration. I guess you sure have read it, if not – its great. I did not know f. E. that OMD was supporting act for the legendary 101 concert. Amazing. And concerning Fletch. He is the best friend of Martin. And for long years he had a kind of diplomatic role to play between Martin and Dave. Read and enjoy.

  4. Fletcher is doing nothing and causing (caused) problems. But if he leaves, it will be the end of Depeche. Right or wrong, people are addicted to the trio. Imagine a gig with Martin, Dave, and two or three persons that have nothing to do with Depeche's great past. Mind how many records Martin and Dave released on their own carrer. If another person leaves from the glorious Depeche's past, Dave will follow his own, already loved be Depeche fans, path, while Martin will be giving us great records with many covers ,as he did in the past. Mind that they both toured!!! as Dave's and the Soulsavers for sometime, and Martin he was playing as Martin Gore in Europe. I don't think that they will be dressed in black after a Depeche split up. We will. Tony, Thessaloniki, Greece.

  5. Until watching this and reading the first comment plus the interview I've heard from Dave (new interview where he didn't mention anyone than himself coming with 6 tracks, Martin 15 and they collab together but at the end it's Dave who's taking the last decisions to the visual part and so on. But NO one mention about Andy πŸ€ͺ😳)
    As I tried to say I thought Andy was like Ringo, the heart of the band, for that was Ringos part, but NOW I just don't like Andy, wish Alan had stayed 😡
    Not that it's my business, but I didn't know he was a bitch towards Dave.

    Btw I just watched an intimate concert by only Dave & Martin singing "when the night has come" anywho it was great, they were like 2 buddies enjoying it, they both sang and it was awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘
    I actually thought "why is Andy on the tour"?
    It really was great & I think they could keep going without Andy, but Andy was there from day one, and who am I to judge, but gotta admit, I see him in totally different light now, πŸ™„πŸ˜’

  6. 'live sound' – and yes people have forgotten what a real voice sounds like. All produced LPs use autotune. And that is now the expected sound. If someone isn't using it they sound off or bad, they can't sing. Because the average person doesnt know about the extensive use of autotune, and maybe are too young to remember 'real' vocals.

  7. I think Fletch is (and was) the glue that kept/keeps the band togheter. The others all got into trouble with themselves or drugs or alcohol. He may not be the ultimate musiscian, but who cares, you need someone to keep a band togetherer or they would all have been split up and and gone their own way to achive nothing. Alan leaving cripled them; but didn't kill them. If martin would write about love in stead of politics again, I think they'll top the charts in every country again…

  8. I've never been that bothered that live albums/videos are tweaked for major clangers as I imagine it would be really annoying to buy a live dvd and have to listen to the same bum note for example, every time you put it on!
    The sound mix is certainly better on the released product than what the live audience heard for a start!

  9. 101 concert film and performance was good but the Devotional film and performance was on an even incredible and higher level. Alan Wilder was stunning not only playing keyboards but drums as well. His high caliber of playing made Fletch look even more laughable in comparison.

  10. I think it has to be said there’s a massive difference in what goes on in the studio and what happens on tours. I feel Fletch has little to do once the production is over and by the time we get to see them perform. Remember they spend months in the studio and I’m sure his input is complete more or less. Christian on drums and Peter on keyboard join up for the tours and Daniel Miller or Flood along with Fletch prob have their job in the can by then.

  11. It's funny some bands deliberately and purposely have a member who is just a dancer and doesn't play anything, but in this case Fletcher was supposed to play keyboards. I guess Martin and Alan prepared stuff for him such as "Just those 3 notes in tempo, alright?" and probably some programming too.