Andy Bell from Erasure, Neil Tennant from Pet Shop Boys, Hans Zimmer and Arnold Schwarzenegger throw a surprise birthday party for Fletch!! This is a parody series in honor of Fletch from Depeche Mode because we love Fletch!!
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  1. Thank you very much Vaughn for inviting me on this party , hehehehehe it was very interesting, there were a lot people , You know , not only 4 men ;);) hehehehe add baby chick 😉 I suppose , You too was , there . It was very, very, very funny. Display …….PYRAMID ! 😉

  2. Hopefully one of the boys bought Fletch a Keyboard Playing For Dummies book for his birthday. If Fletch quit the band, I think Alan Wilder would be a suitable replacement. Perhaps Fletch could be a second dancer for The Happy Mondays. Imagine a dance-off between Fletch and Bez.

  3. Very funny video👍.Happy birthday Andy🎉🎉🎉…even if July 8th will always remain in my memories as the last Alan gig with DM (USA 25 years ago😢💔)

  4. I see Vaughn pondered long and hard on this problem… "How can I get all 4 of my impressions into one video clip?" 🤣 Just kidding 😉 Happy Birthday Fletch! 😊

  5. Any band can't have more than one Alan Wilder, no more than one M.L.Gore, no more than one Dave Gahan. So every band need to have somebody like Fletch. Who don't understand is because don't know nothing about what happpen inside the bands.