1. You could say my mom raised me up right grew up listening to depeche mode for as long as I can remember. Now it's my favorite band. Gah, love the lyrics and how Dave makes things so sensual and rich.

  2. DM takes you up the rush and tingle of an x rush….but they bring you down the comedown so well that you fell they're sympathetic…my recommendation for comedown is a close friend/girl/boyfirend, in a bath, music, maybe a xanax, soup, warm bed, friend, sleep for a few hours. begin to rebuild.

  3. one of the things that made DM unique is that they never scared away from dark topics in their songs. They access reaches of the music listener's souls where others didn't dare to go. I think that's one of the reasons for the committed fan based they had for a long time.
    They really got back to this kind of darkness on "spirit" – even though I'm missing the promised salvation of "come here kiss me, now" on their new album a little.
    Well, before ending up a fly on the windscreen we all become ugly and impotent I guess :))


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