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  1. Dim Zach, I'm in Brazil. I've been following your videos for some time and I'm amazed how you can remix a song without losing its identity. Your work is admirable !!

  2. Εξαιρετικό remix , θα ηταν πιο συγκινητικο πιστευω αν στο πρωτο μερος του ρεφρεν εκτος απο την καταπληκτικη κιθαρα ακούγονταν και συνθεσάιζερ πισω , οπως στο δευτερο μερος .

  3. Been a fan of DM since they started and despite a few doggy records they have consistently delivered amazing songs. This is next level stuff, cool, sophisticated, mature music. Hypnotic groove and Dave's vocals are perfect. More of this please gents !!!!