Check out the remastered version here:

“Going Backwards” from Depeche Mode’s new album ‘Spirit’

Video directed by Hovhannes Asatryan

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Spirit [Remixes] by Sector 516:
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Depeche Mode – Going Backwards (Soulful Remix)

*This video is NOT official*
**Special thanks to dcassus for the idea**

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  1. This video and this remix demonstrate how the producing of the original track (and album) should be done. The proof – 3 Million views…

    Check out the remastered/alternative version here:
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  2. …..and my children, to this day, thank me for raising them on The Mode. Another fine example as to why. They ARE the Greatest 80's Band Ever……..its 2018, and they are better than ever.
    Mode Then, Mode Now, Mode Forever <3

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  4. I just keep wondering why we have to rely on the remix community to give us decent versions of most of their music. Didn’t have this problem when Alan was in the band.

  5. This song perfectly reflects the current situation of my country Brazil, we are on the verge of returning to the era of military dictatorship, prejudice and hatred, people really have nothing inside. I love this song.