DM-Halo(Apathy In Motion Seven Inch Mix)

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  1. fletch is such a waste of space. i say, he couldn't even play chop sticks.
    alan please come back…..

  2. @arsenalandy You Tube blocked them because of their copyright policy…I'll try to upload those remixes in the nearest future, but it probably won't change anything :/
    Thanks for comment!

  3. @btdtlol7 Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!Andy super dancer!!!!!!!!)))))))))))))))я из России.я всегда был такого мнения.наконец-то и в Европе так-же считают!!!

  4. Fletch lleva la bandera de depeche por todo el mundo,dando entrevistas y haciendo(si,haciendo)de DJ…creo q eso hay que valorarlo…y creo que toca mas de lo todos piensan!