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  1. Yes yes woaw  dam  .. who write these lyrics '' Depeche mode '  I cant   speak ,love u dudes ,,your music is far beyond our time !!

  2. This was either the very first or second song that I voted "Shriek of
    the Week" on WDRE/WLIR 92.7 radio back in 1988. I'm unsure whether it
    was this song or "Yahoo" by Erasure which was first vote
    for Shriek of the Week, as they were released within weeks of each other. With that said, this is the song that got me into DM and made me a fan. It's still my favourite DM song.

  3. I want you now
    Tomorrow won't do
    There's a yearning inside
    And it's showing through
    Reach out your hands
    And accept my love
    We've waited for too long
    Enough is enough
    I want you now
    My heart is aching
    My body is burning
    My hands are shaking
    My head is turning
    You understand
    It's so easy to choose
    We've got time to kill
    We've got nothing to lose
    I want you now
    And I don't mean to sound
    Like one of the boys
    That's now what I'm trying to do
    I don't want to be
    Like one of the boys
    I just want you now
    Because I've got a love
    A love that won't wait
    A love that is growing
    And it's getting late
    Do you know what it means
    To be left this way
    When everyone's gone
    And the feelings they stay
    I want you now