Depeche Mode – Isle of Wight Festival 2018 (4K)

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  1. 5:37 Трындец. Зачем так страшно мазаться в таком возрасте, неужели им некому подсказать что это их отнюдь не красит. Что Мартин, что Дейв. А ведь когда-то, очень давно, они были для меня эталоном вкуса.

  2. Love DM but they should have played A 'Greatest Hits' set,not everyone is a fan ,and won't be interested in the latest album tunes.

  3. DM forever !    but the audience… oh no  !    ´Schlaftabletten´  sagt man dazu in Deutschland, ihr hattet doch sicherlich alle was eingeworfen….    geht das nächste mal lieber in´s Kino, da stört es nicht so wenn ihr einschlaft..

  4. Reading all reactions below: what is wrong with those who only see the darkness in all…and, in this particular case: build up respect for a band who've come so far, who've been through all 'beyond our imagination'…they're still here and giving away their brilliant and unique artistic outings! The least you could do…if you have some precious element in you that's called a heart!

  5. Dave has always been a crazy mofo but it's strange to see him at this age when most of their best material was done when they were in their 20s and 30s…

  6. Wenn dich deine Jugend gefühlt ein Leben lang begleitet… DM! Was für eine Permanente in meinem Leben…! Ohne Dm für mich nicht vorstellbar! Danke für das, was ihr macht und hoffentlich weiter machen werdet!!!

  7. I only saw them on the devotion tour in Australia many years ago. A negative about living in oz is depeche don't tour here. Dave is 59 here.

  8. I agree with many of the comments saying audience is dead. Concerts I’ve gone to every arm was raised for Personal Jesus. You can tell Dave is getting pissed with the non participating audience. The artist definitely drives a concert, but it’s the audience participation that gives energy to the artist and the combination is what makes the concert great.
    I’ve been a fan since Black Celebration and. Now 35 years later I still dance and sing and lose my mind when I see Dave dance.