1. World in My Eyes
2. Halo
3. Shake the Disease
4. Everything Counts
5. Master and Servant
6. Never Let Me Down Again
7. Waiting for the Night
8. Here is the House
9. Sweetest Perfection
10. Clean
11. Stripped
12. Policy of Truth
13. Enjoy the Silence
14. Strangelove
15. Personal Jesus
16. Black Celebration
17. A Question of Time
18. Behind the Wheel
19. Route 66

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  1. I love Martin singing Shake the Disease, but just thinking of Dave singing it again live brings chills! I wish they would perform Things you said on Spirit tour. Thank you for the footage! This is a gemstone

  2. Oh my God! I love dave & andy but martin makes me cry he sounds like an angel his voice brings me to heaven I've been with them from the very beginning 37 years since 1980 up to now & forever and ever

  3. When dave shouted, "Alan Wilder!" and started dancing in front of him, I felt sad because I wish Alan would come back to the band 🙁 he could easily replace Christian Eigner and Peter Gordeno… and do both of their jobs exceptionally!

  4. They can do amazing things now cleaning up audio (e.g. those noisy 60s Beatles stadium shows for the Eight Days a Week movie) I wish the band would do the same for this show and make a proper release of it.

  5. These guys actually invented the whole new world of music that not many of the mainstream idiots picked up, but some did partially. It's kinda electronic classic music. It's the music that can involve any kinds of instruments and sound modern. The one thing that still makes them very in at all times. Not many people picked it up.

  6. I'm a loyal DM-fan since '85 and think this is simply unique music history..!! ☝ 👌👍😊 Watching this in average once a week! 👍😀

  7. It's such a shame that they never released a official documentary and live material from the world violation tour. This was the conclusive tour when Depeche Mode became finally world wide super stars, the ultimate breakthrough as a strong musical force and mass phenomenon. To me, they were the Beatles of the 80's and 90's.

  8. Wow this show sounds more exciting than any I've heard in the last 5-10 years.

    Smartphones were made in the last 5-10 years.


  9. i was at the giant's stadium show on 06/16/90 — it was the greatest experience. they sounded awesome — dave sounded awesome. it was perfection and it felt like the stadium was shaking! me and my brother were seated near the top and it was……. unforgettable. never again will i feel like that at a concert. the only time it came close was U2 Zoo TV.