Live At Wembley Arena, London, 17 April 1986


01. Black Celebration
02. A Question Of Time
03. Fly On The Windscreen
04. Shake The Disease
05. Leave In Silence
06. It’s Called A Heart
07. Everything Counts
08. It Doesn’t Matter Two
09. A Question Of Lust
10. Blasphemous Rumours
11. New Dress
12. Stripped
13. Something To Do
14. Master And Servant
15. Photographic
16. People Are People
17. Boys Say Go!
18. Just Can’t Get Enough
19. More Than A Party

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  1. Przepraszam, ale tak zapytam raczej piękniejszą część fanów DM. Co chwila pokazuja mi pośladki Gahama. Naprawdę są takie wyjątkowe??

  2. Apparently, the editor of this video hated Martin and loved the Energizer Bunny, I mean, Fletch. Too bad…Martin was smoking hot!

  3. Dave is just great here. His vocals … just holy, you can clearly see he's feeling what he's singing. The rest of the band … well, no comment … Mart and Al do their best as usual and Fletch … Fletch is Fletch!! You love him and you hate him … little bean pole …

  4. Ich was there in Munich 1986….my First Concert …What a great Playlist….unforgetable und the best i've seen of them. The Versions of the Songs are so hard. This was the machine sound Alan was standing for and worked so hard on it……Thank you Alan you are legend