Sorry,YT had banned this Video under Content…so i had must delete “Where’s the Revolution” in this Video .-( this Song you can find in my Playlist as Single Track

Depeche Mode – Köln/Cologne 05.06.2017 (Global Spirit Tour) (Multicam) Full HD

Special Thanks to all Member who’s send me they Masterfiles: Jürgen Keilwerth,Michael Grün,Michael Trams,Peter Rosenmüller,Andrei Sosna,Sebastian Holler,Thomas Bauer,Lushpix,SM Kerim,detmen,Jana,Ollie Fabeck. YT Source by Uwe Grund and DarkSlick74.
This Multicam was made with 127 different Videos. The YT Video is a short Version without Beatles Intro, Yt would it banned.

01. Intro
02. Going Backwards
03. So Much Love
04. Barrel Of A Gun
05. A Pain That I’m Used To
06. Corrupt
07. In Your Room
08. World In My Eyes
09. Cover Me
10. A Question Of Lust (Martin)
11. Home (Martin)
12. Poison Heart
13. Where’s The Revolution
14. Wrong
15. Everything Counts
16. Stripped
17. Enjoy The Silence
18. Never Let Me Down Again
19. Somebody (Martin)
20. Walking In My Shoes
21. [6:49] Heroes
22. I Feel You
23. Personal Jesus

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  1. There 'is' still time left in 2020, 30 years later, for giving us the ultimate album ' V I R U S H A T E R '…produced again by Flood, like a 'Violator II' diamond.

  2. Ооооу, привет Нанка!!!!!!Great work!!! This is Morzepan, – he is Depeсhmodov. At one time, he collected your releases. And where now, can you swing your masterpieces??? Thanks for the answer, you can in person even if here, not convenient.

  3. Гении!!!!! 💖💖💖💖👍И ориентация у ребят нормальная!! Это не более чем. Сценический образ!!! ✌️Это ДЕПЕШ Мод

  4. Бля чувак уже 40 лет нас радует своей музыкой.Поверить не могу кайфовал от его музыки ещё пацаном и девок жарил под его музыку еще в СССР ,а он все ещё поет .Красавчик слов нет!!

  5. Je suis fan de DM depuis 30 ans mais là je pense qu’il est nécessaire qu’ils raccrochent car on frôle le pathétique. Tout ce qui me faisaient vibrer c’est envolé. Le timbre de la voix, la gestuelle et l’orchestration commence à prendre l’eau. Mieux vaut s’arrêter là et en garder les meilleures souvenirs des années 80’ et 90’.