Depeche Mode – Master And Servant – 1984

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  1. На мой взгляд,это-лучшая песня "Depeche Mode". А легендарный проигрыш звучит звучит в ушах на протяжении более 30 лет.

  2. When I die, I'd like to ask if I could relive a few moments of my life. Listening to Depeche Mode with my high school friends would be high on that list.

  3. When everything was "analog"!LOL DM is the proof that electro-pop live music is so powerfull as any other. We can see their professional but at the same time a little bit nieve attitude on stage!… But the spirit of one top new-wave band was there forever. DM is something really special even comparing with another electro-pop bands, because they were really innocent with their attitude many times during their rise to high acceptance from worldwide audiences. They are unique! Alan is still the missing link also maybe as Vince to that innocent but original and honest music they create. This live performances are forever I suppose!