2008 remix of classic Depeche Mode track by electrobronze. Original track from the 1987 album “Music for the Masses” on Mute records.

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  1. Agree agree agree…power and authority…great track. The preceeding track on the album, with that Russian voice helps to add to add even more power to that bass line…

  2. St.marks place downtown in NYC , use to rock with these guys when this album came out in '87' ….. they are the smoothest newwave band ever , to where they flex there musicals muscles , only if they feel like it – and when thbey do , ? Its an awesome sight to enjoy , especially if you were a ciggerette smoker back in those days , like I was !

  3. I fully dedicate this DM masterpiece to Lady Gaga.
    "Sitting target, sitting praying And Gaga is saying nothing, nothing..
    Is full of surprises
    She advertises