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Intro for
This was the first work I did for the Heavens In Motion. I thought we need an intro…so I did…


  1. It is a pleasure to have an opportunity and listen to the music like this. And even more commendable are the efforts to create interesting video clip, while the music in itself might have been familiar. Good work, I like it. By the way, by "good work" should have been understood the interstingย artwork of a "man behind the scene" who had deemed himself involved in creating something quite funny; at the moment of 2:32 a man had behaved in a similar manner like certain guy from Trainspotting movie, which I like. Movie, of course … Not theย move with a glass ๐Ÿ˜‰ And even more, at 4:15 the man on a video resembles a gentleman who loves trains on BBC, while traveling with an old itinerary book on a board of a railroad car. The strongest man on the Universe is good, as well. Howgh.


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